Abilene Paradox Book What's the real reason behind so many
wasted efforts, projects that go nowhere
and ventures that miss the mark?
The answer is something you might not expect?
a phenomenon called mismanaged agreement.
(also known as "the Abilene Paradox")

Many years ago Professor Jerry B. Harvey discovered that the fundamental problem of contemporary organizations is the inability to cope with agreement--not conflict. He finds that most agreement in organizations is actually false consensus. It occurs because many people feel they might be isolated, censured or ridiculed if they voice objections. This often leads groups to act on inappropriate goals and is a setup for organizational failure.

CRM Learning's all-time best-selling training video, The Abilene Paradox, Second Edition, dramatizes mismanaged agreement in both business and personal settings. In it, Dr. Harvey brilliantly describes the psychological causes, then presents the cure. Groundbreaking material at the time of its introduction in 1984, trainers find that the video's single central theme--managing agreement within a group--remains an effective illustration of a problem that is more prevalent than ever today.

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Abilene Paradox Car

Where does the phrase "the Abilene Paradox" come from?

As you will see when you view this amazing video, it all began one sizzling afternoon in Texas with a family game of dominoes, a 1968 Buick and a cafeteria in Abilene. This is one story you DO NOT want to miss!

"Organizations frequently take action contrary to the desires of their
members, and thereby defeat the very purpose they set out to achieve."
--Dr. Jerry B. Harvey